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The best time to visit Japan are during the month of March to May (Known as spring season) and September to November. This is a country of extremes in terms of its weather, so these months are the best to avoid the high temperatures and humidity of Japanese summers or its chilly winters.

On Japan’s southern, subtropical islands of Okinawa, cherry blossoms open as early as January, while on the northern island of Hokkaido, they bloom as late as May. In most major cities in between, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, the cherry blossom season typically takes place in early April and these are best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms.

If you are fond of snow than the best time to visit Japan for snow is typically during the mid December, just before Christmas, and continues through late March or early April. Some winter resorts open in late October. April is a good time for beginner skiers to visit, as much of the crowds have dissipated.

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